Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sunny San Seb...?

After an intense time in Barcelona, we retreated north to the coast for some relaxation in San Sebastián. Unfortunately, the weather decided not to go along with our plan, and sunny San Sebastián was anything but...
Still, it was a lovely place to relax, and definitely worth a visit. We did a walk around the many churches in town, though unfortunately most of them were either closed to visits, or under reconstruction... but we did make it inside the city cathedral, which was an amazing gothic church, complete with dark imposing spires.. and some pretty impressive stained glass windows inside. We also went in the Iglesia San Vicente, which is the oldest remaining church in San Sebastián.
And of course, no matter what the weather, you can't take a trip to San Seb without a walk along the beach, which was, conveniently, a one minute walk from our hostel. We sat on the raised boardwalk along the side of the beach one night, listening to the quiet sounds of the waves on the shore and enjoying a fine sub-euro Spanish red.... and decided that relaxation could be defined, just like that.

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