Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So London actually turned on the weather for us after all and stopped being so grey, at least for a few days... the sun has been out, but it's still not that warm [around 14/15 degrees], yet people keep telling us it was 26/27 last week...not sure if we believe them yet.
We did some super touristy things on the weekend, visiting the houses of parliament, westminster abbey, big ben, buckingham palace, changing of the guards [all from the outside of course - London on a budget!] Had a great picnic in Hyde Park in the sun..till the sun went away.. then scared ourselves senseless at the overt decadence that is Harrods for about three hours..because that's how long it takes just to get around all the levels! Madness!
Now we're back away from the bustle of the city in rural Alton [about an hour by train out of London], and have plans to see all that there is to see around here... [several old breweries, Jane Austen's house, a steam train... woo] before heading back to town for the long weekend [hoorah-bank holidays]
Anyway, things all going well, and that's about it for now.

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